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Property Law (Real and Personal Property)

Real estate and personal property transactions present risk for buyers and sellers. Mitigating these risks and apportioning liability appropriately requires the knowledge and skill derived from successfully closing numerous transactions across a broad range of factual scenarios.

Our attorneys represent clients in transactions involving residential and commercial real estate, farm and ranch properties, mineral and land use rights, and all other types of property. We call upon decades of experience in these transactions to help property owners, purchasers, developers, operators and other clients make informed decisions and get to the closing table with confidence. With a thorough understanding of the business and legal issues involved, we are able to work collaboratively with our clients to structure their transactions in ways that reflect their unique circumstances while anticipating and proactively addressing issues that have the potential to lead to future exposure.

Shelby, MT Attorneys for Real Estate and Personal Property Transactions

We routinely represent clients in Shelby and throughout Montana with respect to:

  • Real Estate Transactions
    • We represent buyers, sellers, lessors, lessees, financial institutions and other clients in all types of real estate transactions involving residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural properties. As seller’s counsel, we ensure that our clients are not unduly exposed to liability as a result of their transactions and that their right to payment is not conditioned on factors beyond their control. As buyer’s counsel, we assist with due diligence, financing, contract negotiations and all other matters leading up to closing. For other clients, we tailor our representation to the particular risks, dollar value, property conditions and other factors at hand.
  • Windfarm Leases
    • We have particular experience representing lessors and lessees with respect to windfarm leases in Montana. Our attorneys are intimately familiar with the regulatory landscape for wind energy, and we rely on our extensive experience in windfarm lease transactions to protect our clients’ interests.
  • Landlord-Tenant
    • In addition to windfarm leases, we represent clients on both sides of all other types of real estate leasing transactions as well. This includes providing representation for lessors and lessees of office buildings, retail and mixed-use facilities, and other properties.
  • Property Resource Acquisition
    • In our property resource acquisition practice, we represent owners and acquirers of mineral and natural resource rights in contract negotiations, regulatory compliance, title research and related matters. We have extensive experience working with clients in the water, oil, gas and mining industries.
  • Farm/Ranch Real Property Transactions
    • We also have particular experience representing clients in farm and ranch purchase and sale transactions. We handle all legal aspects of our clients’ transactions to ensure that they are fully prepared for closing.
  • Residential Transactions
    • Our attorneys regularly represent Montana residents and out-of-state buyers seeking to relocate to Montana in residential real estate transactions. We ensure that title and loan issues will not get in the way of closing; and, when necessary, we help our clients overcome inspection issues and other challenges.
  • Mortgages and Other Secured Transactions
    • We represent buyers, sellers and lenders in secured transactions involving real and personal property. We have in-depth knowledge of the unique legal issues involved in these transactions; and, in addition to representing clients in secured transactions, we also advise clients with regard to secured creditors’ rights in foreclosure and bankruptcy.

Speak with a Property Law Attorney in Confidence

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