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General Civil Litigation

Our firm’s civil litigation practice consists of representing businesses, property owners, beneficiaries and other clients in contentious disputes both in and out of court. We take a conscientious, forward-thinking approach to representing clients in settlement negotiations and formal court proceedings, and we help our clients understand the long-term implications of potential alternative resolutions in order to allow them to make informed decisions at every step along the way.

Whether your business is being harmed by a breach of contract, you need to protect your rights as a Montana property owner, you are facing an administrative enforcement proceeding related to land use or legal compliance, or you need help enforcing a loved one’s estate plan, we can help. We can guide you through the initial decision-making process; and, if necessary, we can use our litigation experience to effectively advance your interests in court.  

Shelby Litigation Attorneys for Business, Real Property and Probate Disputes throughout Montana

With extensive experience in commercial law, property law, water law, oil and gas law, and estate planning matters, we offer insightful and uncompromising legal representation for disputes in state and federal courts throughout Montana. This includes providing legal representation for businesses and individuals in cases involving:

  • Contract Disputes
    • We represent parties on both sides of disputes involving contracts such as supplier and vendor agreements, partnership and shareholder agreements, employment agreements, confidentiality and non-competition agreements, and construction contracts. We help clients enforce their right to payment, secure performance and other remedies, and resolve issues related to warranties and indemnification.
  • Real Property and Natural Resource Disputes
    • We represent property owners, utilities, buyers, creditors and other clients in civil litigation involving ownership of real property, easements and land use rights, property resource acquisition, leases, and other matters. With particular experience in the oil and gas industry, we provide strategic representation for parties on both sides of complex state and federal disputes.
  • Challenges to Administrative Action
    • We represent business clients in administrative proceedings involving the Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation and various other state and federal agencies. We have extensive experience in these matters and offer strategic advice and representation for clients facing administrative denials and penalties as well as various other issues.
  • Contested Probate and Trust Administration
    • We represent personal representatives, trustees, heirs, beneficiaries, creditors and other parties in contested probate and trust administration proceedings. This includes will contests as well as claims related to personal representatives’ and trustees’ fiduciary responsibilities, estate creditors’ rights, and distribution of estate assets to heirs and beneficiaries.
  • Business-Related Litigation
    • In addition to contract disputes, we represent clients in all other types of business-related litigation. This includes litigation relating to trade secrets, intellectual property rights, tortious interference, fraud, statutory violations, data privacy and security, and other matters.

Consult with a Civil Litigation Attorney in Shelby, MT

For more information about our civil litigation practice or to discuss your case with one of our attorneys, please call 406-434-5244 or contact us online. With offices in Shelby and Helena, we represent clients in state court and federal district court litigation throughout Montana.