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Employment Law

The employment relationship inherently involves a variety of complex legal issues. From the negotiation of employment agreements to the enforcement drug testing policies, companies and their employees must take care to ensure that their legal rights and financial interests are adequately protected in all aspects and at all stages of the relationship.

Our firm represents clients in a broad range of employment-related legal matters. On the employer side, a significant portion of our practice is devoted to helping companies mitigate their risk of litigation and protect their assets through the drafting and implementation of customized and comprehensive policies, handbooks and procedures. Our attorneys represent employers and employees with regard to negotiation and enforcement of non-compete, non-disclosure and trade secret agreements as well, relying upon decades of combined experience to craft detailed contract terms that leave no room for unfavorable interpretations.

Employment Lawyers in Shelby, MT Representing Companies and Their Workers

We serve companies and their workers in matters under Montana and federal law. With particular experience serving clients in the oil and gas sector, we have represented clients across multiple industries, including retail consumer products. Our attorneys rely on extensive knowledge of employment law and its practical application to assist clients with regard to :

  • Employment Policies, Handbooks, and Drug Testing Policies
  • Non-Compete/Non-Disclosure/Trade Secret Agreements

We also assist clients with one-off issues as needs arise. This includes everything from evaluating the potential risk of wrongful termination allegations to addressing subpoenas related to employees’ family-related legal issues. Serving clients in multiple other areas of the law as well, we seek to provide full-service representation to our clients on an ongoing basis.

Contact Our Law Offices in Shelby, MT

To speak with one of our employment law attorneys, please call 406-434-5244 or contact us online. With offices in Shelby and Helena, we represent employers and employees statewide.

Montana Employment Law FAQs

Does my company need an employee handbook or drug testing policy?

Maybe. When it comes to employment law compliance, every company’s needs are different. That said, having appropriate documentation in place can serve numerous important purposes (including limiting potential exposure to liability for employment-related claims), and the vast majority of companies will benefit from implementing company-wide documentation that is custom-tailored to their organizational structure and operating environment. Our attorneys can help you determine what is necessary, and we can craft the necessary policies and procedures to help protect your company.

Are employees’ non-compete agreements enforceable under Montana law?

In 2011, the Montana Supreme Court ruled that employers may not enforce non-compete clauses against employees in circumstances where the employer is solely responsible for terminating an employee’s employment (i.e. in the case of a layoff or reduction in force). However, non-competes are enforceable under other circumstances, provided that they are appropriately limited in scope and duration.

What can I do to protect my company’s trade secrets?

Trade secrets are protected under state and federal law. However, once improperly disclosed, the economic harm resulting from disclosure of trade secrets can be swift and permanent. We help our clients protect their trade secrets through the use of contractual restrictions, confidentiality policies and other proactive measures. When necessary, we can act quickly to seek protection for our clients’ trade secrets in court.