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Criminal Law

Facing criminal charges or being targeted in a government investigation is a serious matter. Whether you have been arrested for a first-time DUI or you are under investigation for cultivating or distributing illegal drugs, you could be facing severe penalties, and a conviction could have lasting consequences in all aspects of your life. To avoid unnecessary consequences, you need experienced legal representation, and you need to start working on your defense as soon as possible.

At Lee Law Office PC, we represent clients facing criminal charges and government investigations in Shelby, MT and other jurisdictions throughout Montana. We offer skilled and strategic legal representation, and we focus on protecting our clients as efficiently and completely as possible. We represent clients in post-judgment proceedings, as well. Whether you have just been arrested, have just contacted by law enforcement authorities or need help appealing a conviction in state court, we can assist you in making smart decisions and avoiding unnecessary consequences.

Shelby, MT Defense Lawyers for Criminal Cases and Government Investigations

Our defense practice consists of representing clients in cases involving the following:

  • DUIs and Other Traffic Offenses
    • Receiving a ticket or being arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) is many individuals’ first introduction to Montana’s criminal justice system. If you have received a ticket, it is important that you not simply pay the fine and move on. Doing so can lead to increased insurance rates and may put your license at risk in the event of a subsequent violation (due to accumulation of conviction points), and your ticket will remain on your record permanently.
    • For individuals charged with DUI, the consequences can be severe. Even first-time DUIs carry substantial fines and the potential for jail time. Aggravating factors like an excessive blood alcohol concentration (BAC), transporting passengers under the age of 16, or prior convictions can increase the penalties substantially. Individuals convicted of DUI can have their license suspended, be forced to participate in alcohol treatment programs and face other penalties, as well.
  • Drug-Related Offenses
    • We represent clients charged with drug crimes ranging from simple possession of marijuana to manufacturing and cultivation of large quantities of Schedule I and Schedule II controlled substances. Similar to DUIs and traffic offenses, the consequences of drug crime convictions can be far greater than most people realize, and avoiding steep penalties requires an aggressive and strategic defense.
  • Fish & Game Violations
    • Fish and game violations can carry fines, jail time and other penalties. Montana has numerous laws that govern all aspects of hunting, fishing and trapping, from license and tag requirements to geographic restrictions and limitations on use of certain types of firearms and equipment.
  • Post-Judgment Issues
    • A conviction is not necessarily the end of your criminal case. You may have grounds to appeal your sentence or conviction, and other forms of post-judgment relief may be available as well. Additionally, many types of convictions are eligible to be expunged after a specified period of time. To ensure that you have as many opportunities to challenge your conviction as possible, you should speak with an attorney promptly.
  • Expungement
    • In 2017 Montana passed legislation which allows for the expungement of certain misdemeanor convictions. The expungement of a conviction means that the permanent criminal record of that conviction is erased from all Montana state, county, and/or local government records.  If you have prior convictions which are having a current negative effect on your life, you should speak with an attorney to determine whether you may be eligible for expungement.

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